Don’t be tripped up by unfair care costs…

Care homes operator Sunrise have been forced to pay over £2million in compensation to it’s residents after charging compulsory “upfront fees”. The move follows the Competition Markets Authority’s investigation into how Sunrise have been charging residents for their services. The Investigation not only found homes charging for “upfront fees” but also billing families for weeks after their loved one had passed away.


There are currently 410,000 people living in care homes across the UK, with most self-funders paying on average £846 per week for their care. The investigation also highlighted how self -funders were paying significantly more in the way of charges, compared with those funded my the local authority. In some cases, it was as high as 40% more!


Care home funding is a minefield with very little signposting of continuity across the country. At Clear Guide we are happy to chat through care home charges, local authority funding and advise on whether there are any benefits available to assist you or a loved one with the cost of care.

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