Companionship Services

One of the most heart-breaking comments we frequently hear from the elderly clients we work with concerns about how lonely they are. According to Age UK, over 2 million people in England over the age of 75 live alone, and more that 1 million older people say they go for over one month without speaking to anyone.

Clear Guide is passionate about providing companionship services to older and vulnerable people in the community.  Clear Guide are able to support with medical and social appointments, shopping trips, as well as taking our clients out for day trips, medical appointments, lunch or simply just having a cup of tea and chat.

There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that social stimulation can help preserve capacity and reduce anxiety in those living with dementia. Just because someone may not remember a social visit, does not mean they will not remember the enjoyment they felt that day.

The added bonus of Clear Guide companionship services, is that we also provide that professional perspective. When someone who we provide companionship to requires more support, we can alert the right people, often reducing the risk of injury or a decline in health.


Our Mission Statement

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we work with our clients to maintain or improve independence, improve quality of life and enhance well-being. Regardless of your health, ability, financial status or age, you have the right to life and not just to an existence. Upholding a person’s dignity and independence is of paramount importance to all that we do.