Difficulty finding the right care?

It can be a frightening and confusing time, trying to find the right care home or care agency to work in your home. Clear Guide can relieve a lot of the stress for you by supporting you to find the right service. When it comes to finding a care home we understand It is  often a  problematic and time intensive task. It is critical to ensure the care arrangements meet your needs, both emotionally and physically. Our social workers are passionate about searching for care providers, which will not only any meet your individual care requirements but also provide you with security, stability and safety.

What we do

Our social workers will:

  • Place the individual requiring care at the centre of the process.
  • Identify care and health needs.
  • Discuss likes, dislikes and what you would like from a care provider.
  • Involve appropriate family, friends and representatives by understanding their perspective and requirements.
  • Give careful consideration to the location of the care setting, considering visitors, access to shops, pubs and restaurants, etc
  • Report on the possible care options, for example, care home or domiciliary home care agency.
  • Visit to potential homes and interview managers.
  • Interview of possible domiciliary agents.
  • Review potential care providers CQC Inspection report.
  • Take you to visit homes (if able).
  • Negotiate cost on your behalf.
Senior woman with her elder care nurse

We are proud to state that we do not accept remuneration from any care providers and remain entirely independent when undertaking any care search. We have realised that sadly for some, placements are often found with no understanding or regard to the individuals wishes or mental capacity legislation. At Clear Guide we believe everyone is individual and it is important that we fully understand your needs and wishes to source the best possible care and ensure your future happiness.