Full Social Worker Assessment

Making arrangements for a loved ones care is a huge responsibility, whether they are being cared for at home or in a care home. We frequently hear of people constantly questioning whether they are doing the right thing for their loved one. Often people feel anxious as to whether they have selected the right care setting or whether a loved one is receiving enough or even too much support. Family and friends worry about whether it is safe for their loved one to remain at home or whether the move into a care home would be appropriate. Very often family no longer live near a relative and are trying to support from a distance, which again can cause huge amounts of anxiety and even guilt.

Clear Guide’s Full Social Worker Assessment provides the comfort to individuals that their loved ones care arrangements have been checked by an independent social worker who has a wealth of experience in working with older and vulnerable clients. Our social workers will undertake a thorough review of your loved ones care needs, existing arrangements and funding arrangements (in terms of benefits). The assessment is holistic and seeks to assess both the physical and emotional needs of the individuals.

Following the assessment, a report will be provided which will outline the findings and provide recommendations as to how that individuals quality of life maybe improved. Clear Guide recommend a review assessment every six months or sooner if there is a substantial change in care needs.

The Assessment

The assessment includes:

  • Consideration and advice on what is working well for your love one and identify more cost effective care solutions.
  • Provide professional reviews of support provided at home or in care home environment.
  • Give professional advice and recommendations of adjustments to best meet your loved ones social care needs.
  • Care needs becoming unmanageable? Possible change of accommodation or increase in care provision? Our services support by identify risk and we can also complete mental capacity assessment, chair best interest meetings, source care provision and care homes.
  • Reviews of service provision at home or in a care environment. Your loved ones needs and wishes will change over time and this should be reflected in the care provision, so it continues to be person centred.
  • Address whether benefits need assessing.
  • Ascertain whether Continuing Healthcare Funding needs reviewing.
  • Report on whether personal expenditure budget is appropriate for your loved one.
  • Does a Property Suitability Report need completing?
  • Are there any safeguarding issues that need highlighting?
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