Making Decisions Concerning Your Will, Finances and Health

There are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and it is predicted that this figure will increase to 1 million by 2025.  Sadly, we do not always manage to make the arrangements needed to ensure that decisions about our financial affairs, Wills and health and welfare are taken care of by those we trust, when we are no longer able to make those decisions ourselves.

If there is a concern regarding someone’s mental capacity at the time of making a Will or power of attorney, very often a solicitor will insist on a mental capacity report. If the time has come when someone is deemed not capable of making the decision in question, it may still be possible to put arrangements in place.


How Clear Guide Can Help

Our social workers have a combined thirty years’ experience and specialise in  assessing the mental capacity of older and vulnerable clients, including; dementia, acquired brain injury, learn disability, neurological disorders, physical disability and adults with poor mental health. We provide robust capacity reports to demonstrate how our client has been supported through the correct legal process to make a decision. Our reports can provide you and others with protection against future challenges from others. We are passionate about empowering individuals to make their own decisions and go to great lengths to engage individuals to promote independence and dignity.

Clear Guide provide prompt, professional and cost effective capacity assessments.


Our Capacity Assessments

We can assist with the following capacity assessments:

  • Capacity to make decisions regarding health and welfare.
  • Capacity around moving into a care home or to receive care in the home.
  • Capacity to manage property and financial affairs.
  • Completion of COP3 (mental capacity assessment required by the Court of Protection when someone is deemed to lack capacity).
  • Testamentary capacity (capacity to make a Will).
  • Capacity to make gifts.
  • Capacity to litigate.
  • Certificate provider.

Our Mission Statement

Using our passion, extensive expert knowledge and experience, we work with our clients to maintain or improve independence, improve quality of life and enhance wellbeing. Regardless of your health, ability, financial status or age, you have the right to life and not just to an existence. Upholding a person’s dignity and independence is of paramount importance to all that we do.