Is your client entitled to Continuing Health Care Funding?

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) has made it clear that Continuing Healthcare Funding (CHC) should always be considered by a Deputy or Attorney. The OPG will want to see evidence that CHC funding has been properly considered by a person qualified to do so.

CHC funding should be considered under the following circumstances:

  • Before being discharged from hospital
  • Where there appears to be a significant care need
  • After rehabilitation has been concluded and it has been agreed that a client’s care needs are unlikely to improve
  • If there is a deterioration in a client’s mental or physical health
  • During a care needs assessment or care needs review
  • During end of life care

Clear Guide provides the following services:

  • Option 1:

Mental Capacity Assessment to support your client and ascertain if they can make an informed decision to engage in process, if not, a Best Interest Decision will be completed .

Completion of the initial Continuing Healthcare Checklist.  The checklist process identifies what your client’s health needs are and whether they are eligible for a full assessment.

Please note, this option is subject to the Deputy/ Attorney obtaining appropriate medical and care records to facilitate completion of checklist.

Note, the successful completion of the checklist does not mean the client will receive CHC Funding.

  • Option 2:

Mental Capacity Assessment to ascertain if client is able to engage in process, if not a Best Interest Decision will be completed.

Completion of the initial Continuing Healthcare Checklist. The checklist identifies what your client’s care needs are and whether they are eligible for  a full assessment.

If positive completion of checklist ; coordinating a multi-disciplinary meeting and completion of the Decision Support Tool (“DST”). The DST identifies 12 domains and each domain is divided into levels to reflect the nature intensity, complexity and unpredictability of the need. The multi-disciplinary team will allocate a level of need to each domain to see if there is a primary healthcare need. Clear Guide will ensure that all evidence is considered and that the appropriate level of need is allocated to a domain.

Senior woman with her elder care nurse