Full Social Worker Assessment

The role of professional Deputy or Attorney needs to be taken seriously. The Mental Capacity Act and the Code of Practice sets out a professional deputy/attorney’s responsibilities, but the Office of the Public Guardian has gone further by releasing the Professional Deputy Standards 2017. The Office of the Public Guardian has published a checklist to support the Deputy Standards and will use their annual visits to ensure the standards are being met.

Our social workers have created a ‘Full Social Worker Assessment’, which seeks to address the Deputy  Standards and ensure that your client’s affairs are being managed in accordance with the Office of Public Guardian standards.

The Assessment

The assessment includes:

  • Consideration and advice on what is working well for the client and identify more cost effective care solutions.
  • Provide professional reviews of support provided at home or in care home environment
  • Give professional advice and recommendations of adjustments to best meet their clients social care needs.
  • Care needs becoming unmanageable? Possible change of accommodation or increase in care provision? Our services support by identify risk and we can also complete mental capacity assessment, chair best interest meetings, source care provision and care homes.
  • Reviews of service provision at home or in a care environment. The client’s needs and wishes will change over time and this should be reflected in the care provision, so it continues to be person centred.
  • Address whether benefits need assessing.
  • Ascertain whether Continuing Health Care Funding needs reviewing.
  • Report on whether personal expenditure budget is appropriate for the client.
  • Does a Property Suitability Report need completing?
  • Are there any safeguarding issues that need highlighting?
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