Is your client’s home safe?

The Mental Capacity Code of Practice obliges Deputies and Professional Attorneys to act in their client’s best interests and to promote the client’s rights and freedom of actions and act in the least restrictive manner. These principles frequently come into play when choosing a care setting for a client.

Very often clients are able to continue living well in their own homes, but with a few adaptations to ensure the property remains suitable and safe for their care needs. People are frequently moved into care prematurely, which can have a detrimental effect on not only their health and well being but on their financial resources.

Our Social workers are able to conduct property suitability assessments, to provide you with the reassurance that your client is safe and living well at home.  We will complete a checklist for your file and provide recommendations where necessary.

The Property Suitability Assessment includes the following:

  • Identifying dangers and reducing risk
  • Are smoke and carbon dioxide alarms fitted and working?
  • Is the property secure?
  • Is the flooring appropriate?
  • Is the lighting appropriate?
  • Is the property Dementia Friendly?
  • Is the property promoting the clients independence?
  • Is there a gas safety certificate and is the client using the gas safely?
  • Are there any trip/fall hazards?
  • Would the client benefit from any labelling or signposting?
  • Is the property safe and familiar?
  • Are the furnishings appropriate?
  • Is the bathroom appropriate ?
  • Do they need domestic or gardening support?
  • Eating and dining – are the arrangements suitable to ensure the client is eating properly?

We would advise that a Property Suitability Assessment is completed annually or sooner, if there is a change in care needs.